How many places are there in Manchester, and the North in general, where you can listen to and, more importantly, dance to the very best in 60s Club Reggae and Club Soul under one roof ?

Yep. We came to the same conclusion.

The next obvious question is would anyone want a club night with quality 60s soul and reggae under one roof ?

We certainly would.

And that is basically what The Nu Beat Club is all about. Its a club night that we would want to go to and that doesn't already exist.

Sometimes life doesn't have to be too complicated.

Your resident DJs have both served their time on the Soul and Reggae scenes. Here you can find out a little about what makes them tick and why they are playing at The Nu Beat Club


Growing up listening to my Daddy's records. Dad played records every Sunday on the Blaupunkt system and at blues parties at Harpendan Street in Moss Side during the '60s and '70s - every Saturday our street was the Beat Street. Anyway my Dad had Ska, Rocksteady and early Reggae (what some might call Skinhead Reggae today).Me and my friends were into Rockers and Roots tunes and joined many sound systems. As the '80s rolled on I got into Two Tone, with The Beat from Brum being my favourites. So I started to drift back to Reggae in a big way. Now I got serious with the 7" singles : Ska plus Roots and later Rocksteady.

Over the years I've had many clashes with the likes of King Floyd from Preston, Selektors Choice deejays Mr Obidah, Crazy Joe, Mr Mass and Nigel Flood. All of us chasing that killer 7".

I do believe I am Top 20 Skaman in the world ha ha...........


Paul has collected and DJd rare Soul and R&B records for longer than he cares to remember. After co-running and DJing at the legendary Hideaway Club for 12 years and DJing at Mod and Soul events all over the UK and Europe, Paul has been in self-imposed DJ exile for the last couple of years – only surfacing on the odd occasion to play his beloved 70s Soul and Disco.

As soon as the chance arose to DJ on a regular basis with the Ska King himself, Paul was all over it like an ill-fitting suit. After all where else was he going to hear that quality of Ska, Rocksteady and 60s Reggae without travelling the length and breadth of the country. At The Nu Beat Club Paul will be playing classic 60s Club Soul, early Northern and a hint of Boss Reggae, all aimed firmly at the dancefloor. It may be rare, it may be common, it may be new, it may be familiar but one thing’s for certain – it will be made for dancing !